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Kitchen Storage Solutions

The good news is... Our Mackintosh Kitchens feature the Nova Pro drawer system from Grass, one of the worlds leading suppliers of quality drawer systems. Combined with the Airmatic soft close system - using air rather than oil to provide a reliable cushioning and ensuring hygiene in the kitchen with no fear of fluid leakage. All drawers are pre-fitted saving you time and money on installation.

Storage Space and Utilisation

In general, frequently used items should be stored in easy-to-reach pull-outs. Andrew Stout Kitchens can offer plenty of clever tricks to maximise your integral storage units with the unbeatable Kessebohmer range. For example corner units offer a lot of space but are often very difficult to access however, with the Kessebohmer swing-out corner, a Red Dot Design winner, combines both turning and swinging which allows the trays to glide right out of the unit and back again in a series of supremely light and easy movements. Other storage solutions in the range include pull-out swing larder, revolving carousel unit, tandem larder storage, magic corner unit, tray space and pull-out towel rail.

Red Dot Design winner (honorable mention)

kitchens edinburgh

Advanced Storage Options

Storage is no longer simply about cupboards and drawers. It’s not just about where to put things. Our storage options are now so advanced they really can organise your life. Not only do they maximise your space, they make it more practical and usable. And when things make sense, the world seems a better place.

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The 5 Kitchen Storage Zones

To design and plan a kitchen for your unique needs, Andrew Stout Kitchens requires a lot of information from you. This means you have to give a great deal of thought to what you and your family expect from your new kitchen and provide a great deal of detailed information about your lifestyle.

Kitchen planning today takes the five storage zones as a basis for the optimum kitchen design. A properly planned kitchen saves time and shortens distances. Zone planning is used to define the proper allocation and equipment for the five most important work areas:

1) Consumables

The "Consumables" zone is used to store consumer goods. These are items that are used for cooking and baking which then must be replenished. They include both chilled and un-chilled foodstuffs. That's why both the refrigerator and freezer cabinets are a fixed part of this zone. Open packages usually belong in the "Preparation" zone.

2) Non-consumables

The "Non-consumables" zone is used to store non-foodstuffs. It is mainly used for kitchen utensils, cutlery, dishes and glasses. For ergonomic reasons, it may even make sense to store often-used dishes in the pull-outs of the lower cabinets instead of the top cabinet.

3) Cleaning

The dishwasher and the sink with the sink bottom cabinet are located in the centre of the "wet zone." This cabinet is the proper location for waste storage/separation as well as household cleaners and cleaning utensils.

4) Preparation

This zone stores those kitchen utensils required for food preparation. It also contains some open foodstuffs as well as those that are often used when preparing food.

5) Cooking

This is certainly the heart of every kitchen. It contains items such as the hob, oven, microwave and extractor. The items required for cooking and baking are stored here - items such as pots, pans and cooking utensils.